Store Keeper Required for Saudi Arabia

If you are willing to work in the Arabic country then Store Keeper is Required for Saudi Arabia on an immediate basis. it is important to understand the requirements and responsibilities of the position.The Location of this job is in Riyadh.

A storekeeper is a vital member of any organization, responsible for the efficient management and operation of the store. Beyond simply organizing stock and inventory, a storekeeper plays a critical role in ensuring that all materials are properly stored, accessible when needed, and accurately accounted for.

One key aspect of a storekeeper’s job description is maintaining accurate records. This involves diligent documentation of all incoming and outgoing items, including quantities, specifications, and batch numbers. By meticulously recording these details, the storekeeper ensures that there is complete transparency about the availability and movement of goods. In turn, this information enables effective planning for future needs as well as evaluation of past consumption pattern

Store Keeper Required for Saudi Arabia

More details about these jobs are below.

Job Title: Storekeeper

Salary: SAR 1800 to 2000 per month

Job Experience: Gulf Experience is plus point

Duty Hours: 8 hours a day

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Job Requirements

Here are some requirements for this Job:

  • Storekeepers are responsible for maintaining and organizing the inventory in a store.
  • Exceptional organizational skills are crucial to keep track of stock levels accurately.
  • Proficiency in inventory management software.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Flexibility in work hours and duties
  • As a storekeeper working in Saudi Arabia, stay updated on local market trends.
  • Storekeepers need to have an excellent eye for detail.
  • Dependability and punctuality
  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Managing time effectively.

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