Building Painter Jobs in UAE (20 Positions)

A well known company is hiring Building Painter Jobs in UAE on urgent basis . If interested, check out the complete details and apply as soon as possible.

Dubai, the epitome of architectural marvels and urban landscape, is in constant need of skilled building painters to add vibrancy to its ever-growing skyline. As a building painter in this bustling city, your role goes beyond simply wielding a brush; you become an artist who breathes life into concrete structures.

In this dynamic job, attention to detail is paramount as you meticulously prepare surfaces by cleaning, sanding, and priming them before applying paint. You will be responsible for choosing the right color schemes that complement each building’s design while adhering to clients’ preferences and industry standards. Your artistic eye combined with technical expertise will be instrumental in delivering flawless finishes that withstand Dubai’s harsh weather conditions.

Building Painter Jobs in UAE

More detail about these jobs is as below.

Job Title: Building Painter

Salary:  AED 1000 + 200 Food allowance

Duty Hours: 8 hours a day

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Job Requirements

Here are some requirements, do check them before you apply:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required
  • Painters various techniques required .
  •  Building painters must possess excellent manual dexterity to handle brushes, rollers .
  • Physical fitness is another crucial requirement
  • Knowledge of Various chemical paints.
  • Practical experience
  • Good communication skills are essential
  • A keen eye for details .

Apply Online

If you are interested to apply for these Building Painter Jobs in UAE , then email your CV to the email address given below:

E-mail Address

Contact: +92-03008719808 / 03217468334

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